Smoothie mix. Just add water and ice in your blender for a coffee house quality drink at home! Gluten free, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oils, kosher. 6 - 19 oz. cans per case.


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Is It Time For YOUR Body Makeover? I am losing my own personal little war with belly fat. This has been going on for a while now, but like all the minor annoyances in my life, I try to remain optimistic that a solution will shortly be in hand. It isn't working. I am starting to sense that something larger is going on here, and that I am not fully in control of my body any longer. Rather, it is in control of me and is dragging me in a direction I do not want to go. Of course, I am hardly alone in this. Millions of people are losing their own little war with their body. It is an epidemic of the modern age. Perhaps it is THE epidemic, and people will look back on the 21st century with a smirk and say "What the heck were those people thinking? They willfully destroyed their bodies and cut 20 years off their life span. Couldn't they see what was happening to them?" You'd be surprised, but I think it's safe to say that most people DON'T see what is happening to them until it is too late and some major health crisis sets in on the back of having been too fat for too long. Part of the problem is that people simply do not recognize the health risk of carrying around an extra 20 or 30 pounds of blubber on their midsection. It is a BIG mistake, this ignorance, or short-sightedness. Being overweight has consequences that go way beyond loss of breath, lower back pain, and varicose veins in the legs. Excess fat, and particularly the stubborn fat carried in the midsection area, does more than sit there looking unsightly. It affects the proper functioning of your internal organs, and even sets them up for failure. So if you are carrying around more weight on your midsection than you know now is good for you, what can you do about it? What is the BEST way to launch your own little battle to fight the war going on inside you between that unhealthy fat and your vital organs? How about get yourself a body makeover? That is what Carolyn Hansen is suggesting. She has just set up her fat loss membership program that she calls The No Excuses Body Makeover Program. Instead of giving you an ebook and letting you head off to do battle on your own, her goal is to provide you with an environment that helps you establish the correct mindset to win your war, and then she holds you accountable for your actions. If your battle strategies are doomed to failure, you'll discover it soon enough and she (and the other members in her membership program) will encourage you to come up with a plan that WILL work for you. You'll get all the tools needed to formulate your approach to making over your body, and you will get the encouragement to put your plan into action. So if you have decided this is a war that you HAVE to win, and it is time to say goodbye to that apple-shaped midsection that is causing you to cover all the mirrors in your home, be sure to check out Carolyn's No Excuses Body Makeover program. She'll help you tool up, plan your makeover attack, and back you with the reinforcements you need to achieve your desired body weight goal. By the way, you can also grab her popular report for FREE while you are there, on "The Best Way To Lose Weight"

How can you get all the benefits of the paleo diet?

We’re talking about using the paleo diet to have the energy of a primal warrior. Become a health superstar. Reach your ideal weight while eating foods you love. And have a well-oiled immune system that never quits.
The problem is that if you’re like most people, you’re barely scraping the surface. Your busy schedule keeps you from really enjoying the foods you are eating on the paleo diet. And when you finally do get ready to cook you get tripped up by not knowing what paleo creation you’re going to make next.
But what if there was a better way?
At Paleovalley, we’ve just finished working on something amazing: a sizzling hot set of recipe books that we believe will completely change the way you experience the paleo diet, and the results you get out of it.

Encouraged by more than 180,000 copies of 'Smoothies' sold, the best-selling authors of 'Smoothies, Wraps', and 'Cocktail Food' are back to bring the blender into the new millennium. These days, smoothie lovers want more than just fruit-filled refreshmentthey want great nutrition along with great taste. 'Super Smoothies' offers 50 energy-enhancing, health-boosting recipes. Whether you're looking for a potassium-charged postworkout drink, a flu-fighting immune system booster, or a kid-friendly breakfast on the go, 'Super Smoothies' has a delicious, nutrition-packed smoothie for every lifestyle. With its eye-catching design and luscious full-color photography, 'Super Smoothies' will turn any kitchen into a fabulous juice bar.

The bestselling authors of Smoothies, Wraps, and Cocktail Food are back. These days, smoothie lovers want more than just fruit-filled refreshment-they want great nutrition and great taste. Super Smoothies has 50 energy-enhancing, health-boosting recipes, from a potassium-charged post-workout drink, to a flu-fighting immune system booster, to an on-the-go, kid-friendly breakfast. Eye-catching design, luscious colour photography, and a recipe for every lifestyle make Super Smoothies a winner.